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Executive Webinar Series 2018 | Demystifying Marketing Automation Once And For All

Thu, March 22, 2018 16:00 PM - 17:00 PM GMT

Live and Online Fireside Chat featuring Rob Thomas

Many executives still think of Marketing as a cost center, when in fact, it can be a revenue-generating department alongside Sales. Transparency is key and we'll tell you what marketing automation is, what it isn't, who benefits, how much effort truly goes into it and whether it's worth it or not for your business!

You have the opportunity to listen to real digital marketing experts shedding light on marketing automation misconceptions and insight most vendors won't. Rob Thomas, is recognised as an expert in reputation management, digital- and mobile marketing. He's a professional speaker and regularly attends events in North America and across Europe. Adding to his already prolific marketing repertoire, Rob also coaches, trains and provides implementation services to help business owners, organisational leaders and their teams.

Live & Online with
Rob Thomas

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